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Pugmire & 5E Compatibility?

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  • Pugmire & 5E Compatibility?

    I'm a huge fan of Pugmire but terrible at crafting campaigns for 5E/F20. I was wondering how viable converting other modules for D&D and the like to Pugmire would be. Would it just be reskinning everything, or is the balance completely different?

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    Overall I would say the balance isn't radically different, with one major caveat. Pugmire squishes 5e's 20 levels into only 10, so Proficiency moves twice as fast, spellcasters have the potential to get spells faster, etc. That said, hit points aren't that much higher, so it isn't as simple as "5th level in Pugmire = 10th level in 5e." So just keep those things in mind.