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Pugmire printable figures: interested?

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  • Pugmire printable figures: interested?

    Taking an informal poll: Would you buy a set of Pugmire appropriate printable miniatures?
    Would you prefer bi-fold or tri-fold? (A fold-over or a triangular prism?)
    What would have to be included in a set for you to buy it?

    Thanks in advance! I appreciate your input!

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    Definitely interested! Prefer bifolds. I'd say start with as-standard-as-possible player character-looking tokens, then add monsters and NPCs as you can.


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      Paper figures, please!
      I prefer bifolds, with back art, if possible. If not, a simple silhouette is fine.
      I already have used the full figure pictures from the various Pugmire products to make my own but combing the internet for suitable artwork has been surprisingly frustrating. Few anthro dog full figure pics, and most are modern day/futuristic.

      A pug fighter, the two in Pugmire are both spellcasters. I'm personally not a big armor fan, so I would like lightly armored fighters.

      I've been having a hard time finding dobies for the aristocrats in The Great Cat Conspiracy;... in fact it would be very cool if you could start with a set of figures for each of the published scenarios, like the aforementioned, and Vinsen's Tomb. Yes, I would pay for them!

      In fact, if you were to make figure sets, I would pay for all of them!

      Otherwise, just basic breeds (I myself, have a longhaired chihuahua) in the various "classes" (fighter, spellcaster, rogue)
      And I always love to see civilians for use in markets, throne rooms, taverns, etc.

      I know that its quite a lot, and that you've had no responses in several months, but I would like to see this project happen.

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