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Cavaliers of Mars errata thread

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  • Cavaliers of Mars errata thread

    Please post your errata for Cavaliers of Mars below.

    This is for errata only. This is not a discussion thread. Please take discussion elsewhere. This thread is for typos, incorrect math, visual glitches, and the like. Thank you.

    Ian A. A. Watson
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    In the list of playtesters, the name of Michael Pearman (one of the playtesters in my group) is misspelt as Michael Pareman.

    I had a busy weekend ahead of me and now I need to read this too. These are the kinds of problems I like to have, hehe. Looking good already and I can't wait to read every word! Nice work!

    EDIT: Oh, and Bill asked if he could be listed as Bill Buchalter instead of William.
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      P. 183, Trouble Or Secret Depths
      34. Modesty about impressive skill (-Resolve, +Vocation
      missing close brackets

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