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Ratter Weapon Aptitude Confusion

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  • Ratter Weapon Aptitude Confusion

    So, Ratters supposedly only get Simple Weapon aptitude. Yet the image of a sample Ratter in the Calling section is of a papillon wielding a rapier (a Martial Weapon). Similarly, in Pan's Guide, Pippa Bichon has a shortsword as her primary weapon (which is also a Martial Weapon), despite only having Simple Weapon aptitude listed. Then, to confuse things further, Footpads (the cat equivalent of Ratters) actually have Martial Weapon aptitude (and so outclass their dog equivalents combat-wise).

    Please can we get a final word on whether Ratters are supposed to have Martial Weapon Aptitude or not?

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    I would say they should. This seems like an oversight. Shortswords and Rapiers are such iconic rogue weapons it seems wrong to not give them access to these.


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      It's probably an oversight, but nothing actually indicates it's a mistake in the books.

      Remember that weapon aptitudes are not generally prerequisites for using a weapon. They just provide a bonus to attacks with them. Ratters can use Martial Weapon swords all they want. Anything with the finesse tag especially will benefit from Ratters that focus on Dexterity even if they don't have the aptitude, and provide good access to a higher damage weapon.

      It certainly isn't going to upset anything to let Ratters have Martial Weapon aptitude though.


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        Looks like that was an omission. I'll add it to the FAQ. Thanks!