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What Unknown Uplifted Races do you think there?

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    In Onyx Pathcast 15 ( around time 14:00 of audition ), Eddy Fate mentioned that there is problem with imaging how should Uplifted Birds physiology looks like – especially hands and feet. If I may advise something as a fan, I would point not to evolution, but to devolution of the species in question. Particularly, that all Birds comes from common ancestor Archaeopteryx that had gripping hands and feet. I think most of Uplifted Birds can easily take inspirations from this species anatomy.

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      Or also, this really isn't a case of sudden evolution or punctuated equilibrium. Somehow they got the term "Uplifted, which to me suggests the initial races were genetically altered. If they weren't altered and didn't coexist with man, they couldn't possibly have the idea or any code of a "Good Boy" passed down through oral tradition

      So while some different version could be written, I would say mankind genetically altered the races they did, which means (just about) anything goes

      So I would say all the humanoid races in Pugmire only have two breasts/nipples

      Winged humanoids have wings on their back and arms in the usual humanoid places

      Eyes are a little more forward for binocular vision where they could otherwise be more to the sides

      And other differences that would make them a little more human-like in function wherever a more fluid transition might be a bit problematic to a human condition, like more than 2 breasts, or non-forward vision, and prolly dozens of other little things that could make a body wear out prematurely, like head turning to look forward, over stressed muscle development if an arm had to flap to fly, as well as being big and strong enough to lift heavy loads

      It could even be that birds lose their wings to have arms, but I don't think we, or anyone would want to use that idea of "realism". I'd rather they have wings and not lose that bit of flavor myself
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        Personally, I don't like the idea of having every animal under the sun "uplifted". If I'd wanted to play a generic anthropomorphic RPG I'd play Ironclaw.
        Parties of dogs and cats are alright, but not dogs and cats and mice and rabbits and ducks and moose and squirrel...

        I'm not even partial to birds in general, either.


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          I'm just going to leave this here...

          “Nobody is purely good or purely evil. Most of us are in-between. There are moths that explore the day and butterflies that play at night.”
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            Snakes... snakes are uplifted.

            In their culture, the term "slap on the wrist" is replaced with "boop on the snoot"