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    Alright, I'm in kind of a weird spot but I'm hoping someone in the community can help me out.
    I've never played Pugmire before, but a friend of mine likes the setting and wants to run a game. They ran through some of the basics and we're looking to do character creation for a new campaign shortly. Unfortunately, right after we agreed that this was a good plan, my friend had to leave town for work and so isn't available for the usual back-and-forth.
    Right now I have an idea for a professional athlete style character that I think would be fun, but I'm really not sure if that's the sort of thing that works in the setting.
    Basically, someone who spends their time doing physical activity for some sort of crowd -- but not combat, really, I don't want to play a gladiator.
    Usually I'd just pick the book up for myself, but I'm trying to set a gaming budget (hard!) and since my friend just proposed this I didn't have it planned for. Next month I can pick up a copy but that doesn't help me now.
    Does anyone thing something like this would be a "deal-breaker" for their idea of the setting? I should point out that my friend is pretty accommodating, and I'm sure they'd be willing to make anything I came up with work, but I'd rather not be difficult from the start if I can avoid it. If this is something that could work I'd like to run with it, but if not I'd prefer to know now so that I can start brainstorming other concepts.

    TLR -- is there anything in the rulebook that specifies whether a dog can play basketball?

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    The dogs of Pugmire can certainly play sports... however the setting isn't exactly friendly to the idea of a professional athlete. Pugmire is purposefully a fairly traditional European "Medieval" fantasy setting despite taking place in the distant future where uplifted animals have taken over.

    It's not a setup that inherently supports professional sports as written. Professional combat sports (like jousts) make sense, as do underground boxing rings, but you said no gladiators. Lots of dogs play sports, as humans have across time and cultures, but the default setting wouldn't see it as a "job" as much as a past time.

    So, you have a few options:

    1) If your group wants to play pretty close to the book, consider a different concept. It sucks, but sometimes it's how it goes. It might also be worth it because you have to factor in what an athlete would do in the default play of Pugmire. How do they contribute to exploring the ruins of Man for artifacts? Or fitting the various enemies that stalk the borders of the kingdom? Or engage in political machinations and courtly intrigue? If the athleticism is just a character quirk more than something you expect to use in play, you can always work that in as such.

    2) Work in a "highland games" kind of concept to the setting, especially among the more rural areas outside the central kingdom. Even if a lot of these games derive from combat training/skills, they can be divorced enough to not force your character into engaging with it as combat. This would probably make the most sense for something popular among Hunters and Strays. Being your town's best strong man competitor that brings your village prestige out in the sticks would be a pretty decent way to suit your desires without major changes to the game.

    3) Screw it and home-brew away! The kingdom of Pugmire is fairly affluent, it's not in an active large scale war with anybody, so the nobility and aristocracy have money to spend on sponsoring sports. Maybe the Shepherds deciphered an ancient text describing one of Man's ancient games (or even one dog, St. Airbud, was chosen to play in Man's games along side Man), and have pressed their allies in the government to promote sports to honor the ways of Man. You've still got to consider what your character is going to do besides play sports, but the system can handle this sort of alteration just fine.

    tl;dr - It's not exactly how things are written, but it's not hard to make work as long as you consider what else your character does.


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      Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
      (or even one dog, St. Airbud, was chosen to play in Man's games along side Man)
      Okay, I laughed aloud. Also there are like seven Air Bud movies, so you could totally use that for a bunch of different sports.

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        Originally posted by DixieCyanide View Post

        Also there are like seven Air Bud movies, so you could totally use that for a bunch of different sports.
        There are 14. The original Air Bud series ran for 5 movies, covering 3 of the sports you'd expect them to hit plus 2 others. There was a spinoff called "Air Buddies" about Bud's puppies, except the dogs don't play sports and they do talk. Also they solve mysteries sometimes. Then there was an additional spinoff of *those* called "Santa Paws" which fills in the backstory of "Santa Buddies" where the buddies had to save Christmas because, you know, marketing. I think that by the third time Santa is relying on dogs to save the day he's really letting everyone down and needs to consider his life choices, but there you go.

        Anyway, that was information that was in my head and needed to be unleashed upon the world. You're welcome.


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          Funny story: I did use Air Bud (kind of) in an argument about rules design.

          ​But more to the point -- Heavy Arms is right. The setting doesn't have sports per se, but I could definitely see a kind of "olympics" between dog and cat competitors, or a "highland games" between dog families. It's a cool idea!


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            What about some kind of an acrobat/physical stunt performer in a traveling theater troupe/circus? seems like that would be a form of physical entertainer that would fit the setting pretty well.


            Edited to Add: Also, I commend the OP on their very distinguished choice of forum handle.