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  • Pan's Guide and Challenge Scaling

    I've been running Pugmire for a small group over the past handful of months and it's been very well received. So much so that they insist I keep going with it. I've run Secret of Vinsen's Tomb and The Great Cast Conspiracy, but I've run into a bit of a wall. I'm the first to admit i'm awful at creating things from whole or partial cloth for F20 games, so i'm trying to stick to published material, which leaves me with Pan's Guide to New Pioneers. It's an excellent module, but very clearly balanced for starting characters. I'm trying to figure out how to scale it up a bit to the more veteran party.

    Is it just a matter of add a bit to the printed DCs and throw a few more enemies into fights? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    For now, if you want to stick with published stuff, you're kinda stuck with boosting existing examples (either buffing them, or increasing the numbers). Pugmire is still a pretty new game and is working on a lot of entry level stuff first because... nobody's really an old hand at it yet.

    That said, most D&D 5e antagonists are pretty easy to port over to Pugmire with a reskinning of visuals/etc. without having balance issues. That might be a good place to go look for ideas until Pugmire gets some more higher tier focused material and/or the Canis Minor program has more community content built in this direction.