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[Mau] Chronicle Idea - Dog-Unseen Cult ( PUSS! Video Game )

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  • [Mau] Chronicle Idea - Dog-Unseen Cult ( PUSS! Video Game )

    There is dark new cult in Monarchies. Deviant groups of Cats want to summon Unseen demon possessing Dog incarnation, foretelling end of all of Animal Races. Who will stop them? Maybe your new litter of adventurers?

    Yes, it's chronicle idea loosely based on psychodelic video game about lone Cat fighting Satan's Dog - PUSS! ( See it on Steam - You had been warned. )
    Picked original materials from the game for inspirations.

    Cerberus - Demonic Chihuahua! ( First Boss fight )

    Side question - Would Chihuahua be proper Unseen demon - or only Dog that was possesed? What Dog Breed and Calling could ​Chihuahua then be?
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