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[Mau & Pugmire] Multiclassing?

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  • [Mau & Pugmire] Multiclassing?

    Looking over Pugmire core and Monarchies of Mau Early Access I do not see Multiclassing rules. Are they somewhere in games? If not - would they follow more or less D&D 5E rules for Multiclassing? If totally fan made - What would be yours idea on those rules?

    I'm curious, as this line in Pugmire core seems to indicate that gaining new Calling is possible:
    'In fact, some dogs might not even realize they have a talent for such mystical exploration
    until a focus ends up in their paws.'

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    There isn't multiclassing in Realms of Pugmire (btw, that's the term for the collecting setting now IIRC).

    First, there's only a default of 10 levels compared to D&D's default of 20. So, there isn't as much room for it. There also aren't Calling levels (that is, nothing is based on you being a level 5 Guardian vs. a level 8 Guardian).

    Second, Callings are a lot more flexible than Classes already. Each of the Callings as a few Tricks to pick from, which can cover some of the desire to multiclass. Artisan Encouragement isn't as potent as a Guardian Leadership, but it still lets Artisans buff another party member's action.

    Third, there's a lot of Tricks besides your Calling ones... you have Aptitude, Background, Breed, and Masterwork Tricks to customize your character (some at char-gen, some in advancement).

    If you want an Artistan that's more of a spellsword, a Relic blade that can be refined, with an Aptitude Trick if needed to wield it if necessary, and be a Pointer for Deductive Strike and you're not necessarily as good as a Guardian built for fighting, but you're still pretty good with that sword.

    The quote in question is also pretty out of context, it's about different ideas for where a pup might discover they're meant to be an Artisan, not about someone already going down a Calling suddenly changing to one.


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      In Pugmie core, section Hacking Your Game in Guide Chapter is this small rule that seems to allow limited multiclassing. ( Pugmire, page 168 ) For me, it sounds enough.

      Cross-Calling Tricks
      You might to try and mix up the callings a little, such as having a guardian that casts magic spells or a ratter that learns a fighting style. If you like this idea, consider this: After a dog has chosen two calling tricks and refined at least one of them once, the player can choose one trick from a different calling. The player can never take more than one trick from a different calling, but he can refine the cross-calling trick like any of his other tricks.
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        Yup, there's nothing in "vanilla" Pugmire like that, but that bit on p. 168 is for people that want to introduce something akin to multiclassing. It's one of the reasons why "spellcasting" is a distinct trick -- so you can easily plop it into another Calling should you like.


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          If you allow Cross-Calling Tricks, how would you handle Focus Magic/Prayers to Man in terms of assumed character advancement in magic?

          If a character takes Prayers of Man as they advance to level 10, do that have starting character's level of magic, a 2nd level character's magic (the starting package plus the bonuses for leveling up), o a 10th level character's magic (all the spell slots and spell gains remain the same, save passing on the chances to refine their magic casting Trick)? Or possibly a mix since the magic section says your Spell Slots are based on your level + Con. Modifier, while your spells are based on advancement.

          I mean, I know I'd personally prefer towards taking magic later being the same as taking it sooner, just to avoid it being pointless at higher levels if the option is allowed in the first place. But it's not something directly addressed in the Cross-Calling section (though it's a hack idea, not a fully flushed out rule, so that's not surprising or disappointing).


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            I'd like to see the game expanded to a full 20 levels like regular 5e. I do see some charm to the 10 level system, but we almost played this and then didn't cause of the 10 level stuff.

            Maybe 2nd edition could be 20 levels?


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              Willowfang, there are advice on running the game past level 10 - and how to incorporate material from other OGL SRD Material. See on the Pugmire core pages 168 & 169 sections of 'Playing beyond level 10', 'Dynastic Play' and 'Using OGL SRD Material'.

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                Heavy Arms Spell progression is very clear: You get two spells as part of your advancement, and five spells when you take the trick. So there's no "backdating" spells -- I wrote it in that specific way because spellcasters could theoretically take those tricks after first level. However, I do cover spell slots in the official FAQ!

                Q: If my Guide allows cross-calling tricks, and I take a spellcasting trick, how do I calculate spell slots?
                A: If you take a trick that allows you to cast spells, you are considered a "spellcaster" by the magic rules. Calculate spell slots accordingly -- count all your character levels, not just levels after you take the trick.

                Willowfang Sorry you didn't like that, but there are no plans to increase the level cap to 20 -- our time with our pets is shorter than we'd like, and I want the game to reflect that reality. As wyrdhamster says, though, it's trivial to do that yourself, and the book gives some advice on that front.
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                  Yeah, I hope to play the game as is or even if we expand it ourselves. Would love to play MLP too since I'm a Brony and love the show, just think it would be a hard sell to get my online friends where I play to play it as is.

                  Still, I think it's cool the way it's done and am enjoying these boards and catch up here and in the off topic section most every day