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Cats ( and Dogs ) are Uplifted by Aliens?

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  • Cats ( and Dogs ) are Uplifted by Aliens?

    Are Cats Spies Sent by Aliens? Full article on interesting idea would that Aliens, not Man, really Uplifted Cats and rest of animals...
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    How so?

    In setting, there's no way for the Uplifted to tell the difference between humans with a few thousands of years more advanced technology than we have today vs. an alien that advanced. There's no way to discover this "truth." It changes.... nothing in the setting itself, so I don't see what interesting stuff would come out of it.

    From a more meta-perspective, it seems actively detrimental. These are games that have a certain amount of self-reflection at their core. You're a human playing a dog/cat/etc. looking back at humanity and trying to understand what humanity left behind. The humor and depth of the play experience is built around seeing ourselves from radically different eyes. Having aliens be responsible seems at odds with that. It also creates a lot of work on the GM because the players don't have any cultural touchstones to connect to these aliens. You explore a ruin of Man, and the players get things their character doesn't because you're relying on cultural anchors that humans are already familiar with, but the characters might not be. Exploring a ruin of Alien... and the players are just as lost as the characters until the GM gives out enough details to make sense of things.

    Sure, I can see some for with the farcical factor of, "turns out all religions in the Realms of Pugmire are completely wrong," but that's not really that fulfilling as a gaming experience.