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[Mau Fan] Oneiromancy – Sleep Magic

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  • [Mau Fan] Oneiromancy – Sleep Magic

    Cats have primal connection with the sleep – their feline brethren spends 16 to 20 hours per day sleeping. Therefor Mau spellcasters has inner understanding of Oneiromancy, magic related to sleep and dreams. All cats are on Disadvantage on contesting those spells.

    Sleep – Based on SRD p. 177

    Mancer / Minister Level 1
    Casting Time: 1 action Range: 90 feet
    Duration: 1 minute
    This spell sends creatures into a magical slumber. Roll 5d8 - the total is how many stamina point of creatures this spell can affect. Creatures within 20 feet of a point you choose within range are affected in ascending order of their current stamina points (ignoring unconscious creatures).

    Prophetic Dream – Based on Divination, SRD p. 136

    Minister Level 4
    Casting Time: Sleep Range: Self
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Your magic put you in magical dream, where you contact with your previous and future of Nine Lives.
    You ask a single question concerning a specific goal, event, or activity to occur within 7 days. The Guide offers a truthful reply. The reply might be a short phrase, a cryptic rhyme, or an omen.
    The spell doesn’t take into account any possible circumstances that might change the outcome, such as the casting of additional spells or the loss or gain of a companion.

    If you cast the spell two or more times before finishing your next long rest, there is a cumulative 25 percent chance for each casting after the first that you get a random reading. The Guide make this roll in secret.
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