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Challenge Ratings in MoM/Pugmire vs. D&D

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  • Challenge Ratings in MoM/Pugmire vs. D&D

    So in vanilla D&D the Challenge Rating for a creature states that a CR X character is an appropriate opponent for a part of 4 level X players (DMG 274). It looks like in MoM/Pugmire the rule is that a CR X creature is a moderately difficult challenge for ONE level X player. This would mean to me that for balance I'd need to use a lot more (3-4 times as many) CR 1 enemies for a starting party in MoM than I would in my D&D campaign, but I wanted to verify this is the intent before I TPK my group.



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    Hmmm... good question. You could always test it. If they die, it was a prophetic dream warning of the dangers ahead. Surprise!

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      Seems right to me, based on the game I’ve been running. This is a good thing: keying the system to an assumed party size always bugged me, as I will pretty much never exactly have that number at any given time. Much better to key it to each PC.

      It’s still not an exact science and never will be. For example, a larger number of enemies than the PCs makes them more challenging than their CR alone would suggest, whereas a single opponent will be less so. But it works well enough, and I’d call it one of several small but welcome improvements that Eddy has made to the underlying system.
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