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Challenge Ratings in MoM/Pugmire vs. D&D

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  • Challenge Ratings in MoM/Pugmire vs. D&D

    So in vanilla D&D the Challenge Rating for a creature states that a CR X character is an appropriate opponent for a part of 4 level X players (DMG 274). It looks like in MoM/Pugmire the rule is that a CR X creature is a moderately difficult challenge for ONE level X player. This would mean to me that for balance I'd need to use a lot more (3-4 times as many) CR 1 enemies for a starting party in MoM than I would in my D&D campaign, but I wanted to verify this is the intent before I TPK my group.



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    Hmmm... good question. You could always test it. If they die, it was a prophetic dream warning of the dangers ahead. Surprise!

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