If you're a Guide like me, you'll probably like to use powerful NPCs to assign quests to your players. If you're a player like me, you'll probably like to help good nobles and hinder the villainous ones.

In reading through the core Pugmire rule book, we didn't find all that many noble houses for Guides or players to use. Instead, we created a guide to build the noble houses of Pugmire.

By answering a few simple questions (or just rolling dice), Guides can create powerful and conflicted nobles for their players to interact with.

This isn't just for Guides, however. Players with the Noble background — or even once-noble lineage — can use this document to generate a more-compelling backstory.
You can also find 24 new families of dogs, 11 Relics of Man and more adventure seeds than a good dog could ever hope to fetch.

Check it out!