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    There is a blog post on PoP Kickstarter page that sums up Lizards as races in Realms of Pugmire! Topic dedicated for developing lizards characters, inspirations, and a like.

    In one of the interviews with Eddy Webb, I heard Lizards are based on Middle-Eastern and Siberian nomads cultures. They put salt as their sacred material. ( They even have alchemist-like Calling based on salt - Alkalist. ) And Lizards are great storytellers.

    From the Pirates of Pugmire preview, we also know that Lizards are divide into three Families - Geckos ( proper lizards we think about ), Snakes and Turtles.

    Any ideas you have on Lizard characters in universe?

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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    Any ideas you have on Lizard characters in universe?
    I had a few. You can see them in the Ports of Call chapter! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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