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Are there Concentration Checks for spellcasters who take damage?

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  • Are there Concentration Checks for spellcasters who take damage?

    As best I can tell this got removed from MoM/Pugmire vs. 5e. All you need to do to maintain a spell is spend a bonus action, even if you're getting pummeled. Is that right? This feels like a major balance issue for me. The 2nd level minster in our campaign wipes out huge numbers of enemies with moonbeam, more than the fighters and rogue put together. And even if he's targeted by the enemy, it doesn't make him drop the spell, he just moves it around and kills off whoever is targeting him. He does and average of 11pts (save for half) to one or two targets (if they're standing close enough) every round, without a to-hit roll, unstoppably until he is killed.As opposed to a fighter with a battle axe doing D8+3(ish) or 7.5pts to one target and requiring a to hit roll every round.

    Has anyone else had a problem with this? I feel like I need to add 10 or 20 hp to EVERYTHING just so they can survive a round or two of moonbeam damage.

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    Do you still only get one bonus action per turn? If so then you just hit the caster twice.


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      It's not a bonus action to keep from losing concentration because you were hit. It's a bonus action to maintain the spell every round, period. "Some spells require concentration. This means that while the spell is active, the spell caster must use a bonus action every turn to keep such a spell active. If she doesn't use a bonus action for this purpose, the spell immediately ends." So hitting them twice doesn't help (other than making it more likely they'll go to zero). In fact, going to zero doesn't say that you drop concentration immediately, just that you'll be unable to take the bonus action on your turn (or any other kind of action) to maintain the spell. So the munchkin interpretation is that the spell continues until the end of your next turn after you go to zero.


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        Feel free to add a concentration check if you need to!