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[Pirates of Pugmire] Religion Wars over Acid Sea

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  • [Pirates of Pugmire] Religion Wars over Acid Sea

    According to Pirates History Podcast ( I listen now ) religious wars was important factor in conflicts and pirates lives on Caribbean. As Pirates sourcebook is clearly inspired by this era – and supplement have even Crusader Calling inspired by Conquistadors of history for dogs, birds and lizards – I think that hones discussion on topic is in order on this matter. Of course, Realms are much lighthearted than real world history, but it has Uplifted Races motives. Dogs has Church of Man, not very different than Medieval Catholic Church. Crusader write-up point that lizards have Dervishes, like Islamic sword-dancers-philosophers – I wonder what would be their motivations for Crusade, beside their worship of the Sun? Birds have their Troopers variant, but their culture points religious dedication into getting to the Sky Kingdom.

    Link to podcast -

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