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[Realms] History of pirates at the Acid Sea

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  • [Realms] History of pirates at the Acid Sea

    How piracy could come to being in Realms of Pugmire? This podcast about how England in 16th century created our known pop culture pirates when previous merchant families where nobility in to gentry in times of Elizabeth I and were used to earn coin for the Crown. Young nobles that lived previously on trade ships – and get better education from their social class change – started to do ‘illegal sea work’ for the Crown. With discovering the New World, pirates become more and more popular, becoming – de facto – part of the middle class. As situation of Great Houses from Mau is inspired by those of Game of Thrones – and those are reflecting English nobility in 15th century, with War of Roses – you can clearly see inspiration for Realms. Audition is part of pirates history podcast, that from this episode starts proper pirates topics. Before it was introduction to the 15th and 16th century Europe, from Age of Discovery to the religion wars.

    Podcast link:
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