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[Pirates of Pugmire] House Rule - Calling Knacks from both Callings?

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  • [Pirates of Pugmire] House Rule - Calling Knacks from both Callings?

    I start the topic to analyze precisely if letting use interchangeably two Callings Knacks lists would be really overpowered. It is a possible change to the official reading of the rule related to 'hybrid' Callings in Pirates, this one:
    'Calling knacks: (...) Once you take a trick or secret from one of the options provided, all your subsequent knacks must come from the same category. Example: If your Crusader takes a Guardian trick as a new knack, all future knacks must also be from the Guardian tricks.'

    Now, for ease of reference, I will talk here on 'Calling A or B' rule - and example, in default, is that our hybrid Callings from Pirates of Pugmire can use those Knacks of Calling A and those of Calling B. In Crusader example, it's Guardian Calling and Shepard Callings, respectively.

    Official stance on this rule ( for the time of this post ) was shown by Eddy's comment I will quote now:

    Originally posted by eddyfate View Post
    You can take both First Knacks over time, and the Calling Knacks sometimes aren't the same ones as the source of the First Knacks. For example, Trackers cannot normally get Mancy. So they definitely wont' be "simply Guardiands or Shepards, just called differently." I'll make sure to spell that out in the book.
    ( I will use now Crusader as main example to discussion ) It surely is a valid point that 'hybrid' Callings have their one traits that are somehow unique to them - Stamina Dices, Skills lists and their own only Calling Knacks ( like Catalyst, Jongleur, Magic Tricks or Pistoleer ).

    A bit problem here is that Stamina Dices are most of the time in 'hybrids' shown in Pirates as the mix of original Dices of Callings A and B ( Guardian has d10 and Shepard has d8, so mix is still a 'd9', so it's rounded down to d8 ) or their Skill lists is mostly mix of Callings A and B. First Knacks are real difference here between 'hybrid' and original Callings - and I can agree that in some examples ( like Mystic ) they get extra Knack that is outside of normal Calling A and B.

    However, in Crusader example, they got Fighting Style ( Guardian ability ) and Healing ( Shepard ability ). So each character from Crusader can already take both Callings abilities, later on, for example. Only it's one and only other Callings Knack.

    Now the main topics question - Why it's so bad that character could mix Knacks from Calling A and B, on later levels? So character could take Knack from Calling A on level 2 and from Calling B on level 3, for example.

    Hear me why I do not see any problem with that matching.

    1. We have only 10 levels in Realms of Pugmire games. 'Hybrids' in D&D-based mechanics are going over-powerful with more levels they can take. In D&D 3.5 there was problem of multiclassing that characters could take 7 levels Fighter, 5 levels Cleric and 3 levels Rouge ( or more, if we gone to 20th level ). In Realms we only have 10 levels to spread out, 1st level is already taken on first choice you make on chargen. So we are left with 9 levels to 'mix and match' - if I take 7 levels for the Guardian options, then I will have only 2 levels for Shepard options. It will be a boost over Eddy's stance on it ( clear 'Guardians' or 'Shepards' builds in Crusaders ), but it will only be slightly. On most even decisions plan, you take 5 levels options on Callings A and B - so they are somehow low-powered to simple Guardian on level 10.

    2. It will be more fun, simple! If you take 'hybrid' Calling, like Crusader, you want to experience both Callings powers. Locking on Calling A only ( or B, you get it ), is limiting choices for players too much, when power boost is limited already by low level cap ( see point 1 ). I read opinions that Realms mechanics are a bit boring on higher levels because you are only locked in your original Calling 3-4 Knacks. Letting 'hybrids' to choose from both A and B seems to easily solve this problem for long time players.
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