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[Realms of Pugmire] Rodents in future supplements

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  • [Realms of Pugmire] Rodents in future supplements

    Before anyone says anything, I know that Pirates isn't even out yet, but it seems that the next sensible book coming out is going to have PC rodents. The only rodents shown so far in literature were rats and mice, but I was wondering if that has to be it? There's a plethora of other pet rodents out there that I know my group would go gaga over. Guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, even rabbits (i know they're TECHNICALLY not rodents, but that was only a recent change, and lagomorphs and rodents are almost identical genetically anyway; they're all part of the same Clade). I know my husband really wants to play a guinea pig, and who doesn't wanna play a rabbit (Miyamoto Usagi, anyone)?

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    Well, badgers were hinted at early on to be one of the animal groups we'd see in print at some point, they might get precedent over rodents.

    Though if we get something similar to Pirates that focuses on "wilderness" games I could see getting both like we got lizards and birds in one book.


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      I don’t know when (or if) playable rodents will be showing up. I would guess that Eddy has some plans for them, though, as rats, mice, and rabbits are listed as off-limits for creating playable versions for Canis Minor.
      As a glimpse behind the scenes, when I was writing Waterdog Port and Port Matthew, I had originally slipped in a rabbit NPC. Then I added a rabbit to the antagonist chapter. Then another rabbit character showed up... Basically, the references to rabbits reproduced like... well, rabbits. They were removed during second drafts (along with a couple references to other rodent species), but that’s where the running joke about my rabbits started.

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        So you're the source of the Rabbits. Now I kinda want Rabbit, Bunny, and Hare characters.


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          Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
          Though if we get something similar to Pirates that focuses on "wilderness" games I could see getting both like we got lizards and birds in one book.
          I do not see this as 'Wilderness' supplement - rats and mices are show as mostly Urban Uplifted races in Realms. Both official adventures for 1st level in Mau and Pirates are in rats and mices districts of cities, shown as lower class slums areas. Badgers in shady dog town is in Pan's Guide for New Pioneers. So if Rabbits are also 'lower-class inclined' - then specific lower class gameline add-on, maybe?

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