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New Canis Minor Adventure- The Cat Will Mew and Dog Will Have His Day

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  • New Canis Minor Adventure- The Cat Will Mew and Dog Will Have His Day

    Figured I would tell people about my Canis Minor submission:

    The Cat Will Mew And Dog Will Have His Day
    Apocalypse Meow Part I
    We begin in the Fearless Forest in search of treasures, but fate leads the Trailblazers back into the political intrigues of Castle Korat. Can the Trailblazers intervene to stop the War or Dogs and Cats returning once again to the Monarchies of Mau?

    “The Cat will Mew and Dog will Have his Day” is the first chapter of the Apocalypse Meow storyline, of which there are intended to be six parts. Chapter one is a starting adventure for new players. The storyline is designed to start with first-level cats and have the characters develop over the course of the storyline.

    In addition to the scenario, this supplement also includes:
    - A new Masterwork Item
    -Rules for a new Mancer Practice- Pleonexiamancy, the Magic of Territory
    - 2 New Secrets and Three New Creatures

    Requires the Monarchies of Mau Core Rulebook to play.

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    Sounds very interesting - I would look into it - but this price is very high for fan content. It's even higher than 3 official adventures of the Onyx Path Studio - official Adventures for Curious Cats is just for under 5$ - especially as it's 1 of 6 parts chronicle.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I'm not clear on the pricing norms. I brought it down. I think you'll find there is a lot of content, but I want people to enjoy it.
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