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[Realms hack] Crafting and Masterworks

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  • [Realms hack] Crafting and Masterworks

    Greetings All,

    I'm starting up my first Pugmire / Monarchies of Mau game in two weeks, and in reading through and prepping for the campaign, I was unable to find any rules for crafting, so I ported some over from D&D 5e with some alterations to account for the Realms abstract handling of coin.

    While doing so, however, I also expanded on the system for Masterworks, based on Crafting Magic Items (from Xanathar's Guide to everything). For my game, I'm explicitly interested in post-apocalyptic exploration and scavenging (with Horizon Zero Dawn as my primary inspiration), so I wanted guidelines for how to jury-rig magic items from pieces of Old Ones tech discovered in dungeons.

    I thought I would post here to get some feedback, and for anyone else to use as they like. The full write-up is Viewable on Dropbox. Here's the quick-overview:

    - players find "exotic parts" as part of exploration and dungeon delving, or may seek them out
    - exotic materials and components (in my game) will be way much more common than finding an intact relic
    - PCs can use their own downtime to turn parts into Masterworks, or can hire an artisan to do so
    - some particularly complex Masterworks may also require finding a magic formula of Old Ones knowledge
    - parts can usually be turned into several different types of Relic, or into a wide variety of Fixes, letting the player choose how to use it
    - I group the endless variety of Masterworks into 4 categories of how they're perceived to work, which allows for generalizable loot when its desired

    With this, I'm hoping to incentive creativity and going out of the way to discover more about the Old Ones, and to provide loot that interacts thematically with the setting I have in mind. There is always going to be something interesting and useful to find, scavenge, or harvest - but it will either be a Fix of limited duration, or a component they get to adapt with creativity and effort.

    I hope this is interesting to some other Guides, and I'd appreciate any feedback!
    ~Seraph Kitty

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    Do not have feedback for now, but I mark I'm interested in this rules. Will write more when read the document.

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      I had my first session this weekend! I'm using the above rules for this game, and made sure to hand out "exotic materials" as the most common loot. They haven't had a chance to use them for anything yet, but so far they've harvested exotic acids from a Rust Monster, stainless steal from an Animated Armor that could be forged into a weapon or armor back in town, and a electrocuting claw (Fix) that they want to try crafting into a whip. I have a few players really excited about the post-apocalyptic exploration and scavenging rules that I'm emphasizing in my chronicle. We'll get some stress testing from it soon, I'm sure.

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