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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

    However, it's inconsistency in the setting. Pirates of Pugmire put's direct travel times on it's map of Acid Sea:
    'Here’s roughly how long it takes to sail from one of the ports to each of these areas.
    • A week’s sailing between Waterdog Port and Port Matthew
    • Dalmatian Cove: Two weeks to Waterdog Port; 10 days to Port Matthew
    • Stormheart: Varies, but at least two weeks
    • Hopewell: Five days from Port Matthew, a week from Waterdog Port
    • Beacon: Five days from Waterdog Port, nine days from Port Matthew
    • The Trio: Six days from Waterdog Port, eight days from Port Matthew
    • The Aerie: Nine days from either port
    • The Shift: Fifteen days from Waterdog Port, Eighteen days from Port Matthew'

    Seeing how crossing whole Acid Sea is 15-18 days, I would assume that whole area of one Monarchy should not be larger than 7 days of travel. But it's just my fan approximation.
    Given the dangers of the Acid Sea and the regular loss of Seaworthiness, the amount of time you’re at sea is a bit more critical than when traveling by land. Survival literally depends on being able to estimate travel times successfully. Land travel makes it easier to rely on speed of plot.

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      Also, don't assume travel (on land or at seas) is in a straight line. On land there are rivers, mountains, swamps, etc. to go around. At sea there are rocks, sandbars, jet-streams, trade winds, etc, to account for.


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        Some nice big maps would be, well, nice.