This topic I want to focus on cats Nine Lives belief - and it's repercussion to game if assumed to be true ( even if it's assumed on default to be only cats belief, not the fact of Realms Pugmire world ). Mau corebook puts cats Reincarnation as optional rule - but we had two blog posts about situation where it is game fact - Nine Lives in May & Long-Term Play.

So if Reincarnation is fact in you game, how would it work in mid-play? That is - one Cat A is dead, rest of party lives. What happen to player and soul of Cat A?

By Mau corebook, cat's end being kittens and start being young adult at age 10 - Maybe the next reincarnation then enters suitable body, on cats 10th birthday, when they start to be adult? It's much more plausible chronicle scenario that older Cats A is switched for Cats B that just became adult. Cat B, on the night of it's birthday: 'I had a strange dream about fighting the monsters and dagger in my back - what does it mean? I better consult my Minister on it...'

I will not hide I think here also about large chronicle idea based on the fact that in-setting, just last year died Trilliani Persian Von Mau, first Monarch of Unified Mau. And here soul needed to got somewhere...