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[Realms of Pugmire] Non-lethal combat

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  • [Realms of Pugmire] Non-lethal combat

    I do not remember any rules for non-lethal combat in Pugmire or Mau, beside Wanderer - de facto D&D Monk Class. Are there any on using simply your claws ( like for cats ) and jaws ( like for dogs )? Are there any for using weapons in non-lethal ways, like stun the opponent? If there are no in Realms, any rules for those from D&D 5E are? My players like to not kill other Uplifted Animals in game ( clear monsters and beast are whole different thing then ).
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    There are rules for natural weaponry somewhere, but I’d need to look for them. Technically, though, if it’s non-lethal combat you want, you could always rule that the zero hit point spot means the enemy is defeated but require a coup de grâce to kill them.

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