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    I'm about to run a game of Pugmire for my group, as I need a bit of a break from V20. Pugmire seems like a light-hearted, fun game and I'm absolutely looking forward to it.

    I obviously got "The Great Cat Conspiracy" from the core book, and I got "Pan's Guide for New Pioneers" and currently i'm planning to run both those. Any suggestion which of the two adventures I should start with?

    However they don't seem overly long. I guess my group will get through "the Great Cat Conspiracy" in about two sessions, depending on how much RP they do. (Though I'm often wrong as to how far they get through stuff)
    Are there any other adventures like those? Or maybe any Pathfinder or DnD Adventures that can fairly easily be modified for Pugmire? If anyone has done that already, I'd appreciate suggestions.

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    Check out Canis Minor if you're looking for more stuff; it's community made content - most of it's really good and there are a few short adventures on there.

    For running D&D modules...
    I've been running a chronicle for 4 sessions so far, and I've been directly porting D&D monsters in for encounters. In my experience, this has worked out very well so far - the monsters have nearly equal stats between Pugmire and D&D at equal CR, although I've started noticing that Pugmire monsters have lower health ranges, and D&D monsters start having super over the top abilities at higher CR. But! From how it's worked out so far, I think you'd be able to run a 5E adventure path without too much difficulty. Just keep a close eye on how the players are doing, and be ready to fudge things.
    Pathfinder and 3.5 have mechanics that are so sufficiently different that you will probably need a good translation guide (or have to make your own) before trying to run it.

    That being said, D&D does not have the same tone as Pugmire, and if part of your interest is that it's a light-hearted game, you might not get what you're looking for by running a D&D adventure path straight out of the can. But you could probably reskin / contextualize one to make it feel more like a Pugmire game - presenting terrible monsters as a "varoom", making uplifted antagonists more pitiable as "bad dogs" rather than cackling mad cultists, turn mysterious ancient ruins into heart warming references to humanity, etc.
    But as far as mechanics go, D&D 5E content can be run fairly easily.

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      I'll check out Canis Minor. That may fit better than DnD for the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for the link


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        I've been pulling stuff over as well. I found the blights (Twig, Vine, and Needle) fit nicely in the fearful forest. I brought in a Gulthias Tree (the source of the blights) and just made it the result of Unseen corruption instead of vampiric. Seraph is right about the CR's being a little sticky to work with. Remember that D20 CR is for a PARTY of that level, where as Pugmire/Mau it is for a SINGLE CHARACTER of that level. That makes D&D creatures scale up faster with CR. BUT on the flipside, P/M only has 10 levels instead of 20, so the players scale up faster too. It gets messy, but if you can make it work. My party of level 3 cats and dogs can now cast fireball or two, so they're roughly like a level 5 D&D party. Lots of the CR3-5 D&D characters feel about right.