I'm not playing in a Pugmire game (I'm the Guide) but having so many options for refinements and receiving so few of them throughout a chronicle has me hungry for some other means of getting them, or playing beyond level 10. Between Breed, Calling, and Relic refinements (which the core recommends giving every player one upgrade-able relic), there's so many good options to pursue, and some of the most desirable (particularly for damage, it seems) have several prerequisites, requiring a lot of investment from a very limited resource.

For my game, at least, I've been handing out quite a bit of Masterworks, and I've designed a crafting system to use, so players can make and upgrade their own Refinements (by relic-crafting / modifying).

Has anybody else been craving more refinements? What are the solutions you're using in your games? Has anyone gotten to a high enough level to share how they feel about the default number of refinements by endgame - or how much things fall apart if you play beyond 10th level?