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  • They Came From Beneath The Sea!

    As we are now finally the backer PDF - so the final premier is in coming weeks - let's talk about the game as it is.

    What do you think about backer PDF of TCfBtS, then?

    My own thoughts - Full color graphics are BRILLIANT - or HILARIOUS! I love them in book! <3
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    They Came From Mid 80s!

    My stuff for Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
    LGBT+ through Ages
    LGBT+ in CoD games


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      I'm immensely pleased with how this book turned out.

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        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        They Came From Mid 80s!

        Nah, those guys came from the mid-90s. Look into it. The truth is out there...


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          I had the proper time to start reading, didn’t finish, didn’t read the fiction, went to the rules (cause I love the rules). Here is my impressions:

          The use of Archetypes is interesting in general and GREAT for the theme, with all the niches characters must fit into and that. It also give much more space for one shots and campaigns around particular places (small towns) or exploration (of the sea and its perils).

          The division of the paths as Archetype, Origin and Ambition is a bit odd in my view. I can’t explain, but it seams they are all overlapping a bit, like Past (Origen), Present (arc) and Future (Ambition), so you force a bit the way they evolve around. BUT I do think the idea of Ambition Path is great, more than a Role path from other games for example, I think the image of what you want to be is more of a drive for the person than the role they play on society, in many cases the ambition will be the role, in other cases it will be the opposite (I know the role path was exchanged for the Archetype, but still).

          Trademarks and Tropes are really interesting. They fit in the Edges space from TC with easier description, and less rule extensive. Simple, elegant and great for telling stories. The fact it’s not locked by the calling that is locked by legend that is locked by group evolution makes it better than Scion knacks (the thing I would change in Scion).

          For the system chapter in general, the description of the rules is good, the way it is written makes the rules more fluid than in TV and Scion. It also shows this game is less about established rules and more about improvisation (make your stunt, make your condition and things like that). Story path is about it, but at same time we try to deny it in the other books (or in my reading of the other books).

          Now combat, great crossover between regular injuries of Storypath and the damage systems of CoD. It works in a more intuitive way for people with traditional rpg ideas like Hit points, and it works great with the stunt system. I may use it on other games... The lack of a list of weapons or a “let’s create your weapons now” is interesting, it shows the game is not about rules, it’s about making the play flow, “just add the tag, there are not so many of them...”. Scion have a bit of that, but still ask for a preparation around it, Trinity have lists of weapons... I am not saying those games don’t need it, they have different approaches and themes, TCFBTS is not about it and it can work fine.

          For antagonists, the experience equivalent is a good add to understand where you are going to put your meaningful NPCs levels, but I don’t think 60 experience is enough for a colossal power level.

          the adversaries archetypes and all the description are nice, didn’t go on details around them yet... but I will soon!

          Great Game! Congratulation to the Gentleman Gamer and the team!

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            I love the attention to detail without the overcomplication of rules. I see and feel some WOD/COD in the rules which is not a bad thing. The increased damage per success, the shrug it off (soak), the increased health as damage eating gives you more finite control. Lot of great work, I can't wait to see how the line expands.

            Would be nice to get a TCFBTD and Dystopia sticky thread so we are not lost among the cats and dogs.

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