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  • [They came from ...] South shrimp recipes

    Hello everyone,

    For those interested in "They Came From Beneath the Sea", I've just finished a two scenario arc.
    Well, there have been some tweaking. Instead of "Beneath the Sea" invasion, it was more about Ghostly invasion.

    The mood and the feeling drew a lot from Ghostbuster or Scooby-doo.

    Yet, I think some of the ideas can be used by others for their game, and thus I'm sharing a quickly written game report (in French), and a quicker translated game report (in English). See below for the links.

    Lastly, as I didn't have much time ahead, I haven't read all segment of the rule-book when we started. So we didn't used the Quips mechanics. That's for another time

    Here are the links :

    The French report:

    The English translation:
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