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[Legendlore] Back on kickstarter!

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  • [Legendlore] Back on kickstarter!

    Legendlore is back on Kickstarter!

    Legendlore is a portal game where you play YOURSELF in a fantasy world. It's beautiful, diverse, and inclusive so *everyone* feels at home on their grand adventures in the Realm.
    Please check it out, and support and share as you can.

    You can get the preview manuscript for FREE on DriveThruRPG (just search for "Legendlore"), and I promise you'll want to full hardcover after you read it ❤️

    Legendlore RPG

    Freelance Author and Developer for Onyx Path Publishing

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    Really like the gunslinger, but one major thing, Ctrl+f Flintlock tells me that there are two instances of the word. One says that gunslingers start with one and the other says that pistoleers can use their two gun mojo with revolvers or Flintlocks. None of that tells me what their starting gun looks like as far as damage, weight, or what have you.
    I hope I'm not being a pest bringing this question from another thread, but the starting gun for gunslingers doesn't seem to have stats. I'm looking at possibly running this over the run of the Kickstarter and I'd like to be prepared if any of my players decided they wanted to be a Gunslinger.


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      I saw that! We're saving all corrections until the errata phase, but for now you can let them pick a firearm from DnDBeyond:

      Freelance Author and Developer for Onyx Path Publishing