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Where else did They Come From?

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  • Where else did They Come From?

    So we have They Came From…

    …Beneath the Sea (1950s America vs. sea monsters)
    …Beyond the Grave (1970s America vs. supernatural monsters)

    What else do you think could be done with this set of games? Personally, I'd like to see a They Came From Outer Space, where the threats are aliens; but I'm not quite sure when it would be set. Not before the 50s; the Roswell incident was in 1947, and I wouldn't want “…Outer Space” to be set before that. 90s America, maybe? That puts it in the same timeframe as X-Files and would tap into the America that existed after the fall of the Soviet Union and before 9/11. On the other hand, that's getting a bit past the “classic B movies” timeframe that the other two games in this series lean on; so to keep the camp, maybe 60s America would be a better choice?

    Either way, my inclination would be for this one to start leaning into more mind-bending territory: if it's the 60s, then you're in the era of the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits; if it's the 90s, there's the aforementioned X-Files.

    What other “They Came From…” gamelines would you like to see?

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    ... Dark Neighborhood

    80s-90s kids series about various 'local' mysteries and unnatural - basically Goonies (lighter) mixed with Stranger Things (more horror). Add a spice of Goosebumps and Eerie, Indiana.

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      Beyond the moon! As an homage to the serial chapter films like Commando Cody, Flash Gordon and King of the Rocket men.

      You've been playing around the magic that is black
      But all the powerful magical mysteries never gave a single thing back


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        I think Matthew Dawkins said in a recent interview that it should be fairly easy to change the aquatic origin from beneath the sea into a space origin for aliens. As such an alien game would be realtively similar, and thus unlikely.

        ... behind the Gym A take on the more cheesy 80s Teen movies