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[They Came From - ALL] Rewrites instead Experience?

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  • [They Came From - ALL] Rewrites instead Experience?

    When I run one-shot game, should I change all the Experience characters are collecting into Rewrites they can use? Players will not use the XP for improving the character later on, as this is one-shot. If yes, what should be exchange ratio - 1 Rewrite in place of 1 Experience before?
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    Well, you don’t get many experience, so 1 to 1 is ok.
    During the game you would make:
    - 1 for every short aspiration, maybe another bunch if everybody achieves it
    - 2 for long Aspirations
    - 1 for spending ½ of the available rewrites
    - 1 for achieving an story milestone

    The rest of the XP is related to the end of the arc, so... not useful until it is over.

    Quick note, as I write it, I am using TC and Scion standard XP distribution, so it might be a little different.

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