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  • [They Came From - ALL] Starting Rewrites

    Are there some guidelines for number of starting Rewrites in Writers Pool for They Came From games? Like maybe 'Low, Medium & High'?

    For my gut feeling they would be those:
    • Low - 0 Rewrites on start - Players need to earn those in play.
    • Medium - 1 Rewrite per Player - Something to start game with...
    • High - 3 Rewrites per Player - High absurd and Cinematics fun! ( Good for one-shot games? )
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    I would have sworn there was information on the starting pool in the manuscript, but I can't easily find it. In Trinity each session starts with one Rewrite per player in the pool. I would think this would work the same. (And I think in the actual play on the Pathcast they started with 1 per player.) The pool max caps out at 3 per player. So, for High I would suggest 2 rewrites per player.


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      The idea of 1 rewrite per player is balanced. If the players want more rewrites they can add conditions and risk some bad rolls, it fills up quite fast if you roll enough.

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