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[Realms of Pugmire]Looking for a Little Pandemonium(Western riffs)

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  • [Realms of Pugmire]Looking for a Little Pandemonium(Western riffs)

    Now that we have firearms in the Realms, plastic that could spark a resource boom if a rich source were uncovered, and a vicious war fresh in the minds of the populace I'm realizing just how ripe the Realms are for a Western style adventure. I'm just... having issues figuring out where to place my mining town full of veterans from both sides and other outsiders of typical Dog and Cat society. Do I place it out in the desert east of the Monarchies, find something akin aesthetically to the American Southwest we're accustomed to seeing these pioneer stories play out in? Do I find something in the plains to the west of Pugmire? Is this a place south of the Acid Sea newly discovered after the war, harsh and foreboding? Where do I set Little Pandemonium?

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    Mountains are traditional for a mining settlement, however in a post-apocalyptic setting it makes more sense to look at places Man would have accumulated mass amounts of the resources. For example, an “airplane museum” (I believe New Mexico has one) where mass amounts of aluminum are just in display in a weird place - which gets buried in the ages since Mans’ Fall, and would be ripe for an open pit mine.

    Gunpowder might be accumulated in ancient factories or military bases. If expanded to other types of explosive, like gasoline or propane, there’s off shore oil drilling, refineries, or even retail sites.
    Most of the large-scale repositories like this tend to be in deserts (Texas, California), and Great Plains that are becoming desertified (North Dakota) - particularly in places that experience very few weather disasters, are fairly underdeveloped, and are open to numerous trade routes. Military bases often favor similarly remote areas, shorelines, or fortified inside mountains.
    Now, how these environments change by the time of Pugmire.... that can go any direction. Mountains likely won’t change much; anything on a coast would probably be submerged; but open desert or Great Plains could probably evolve into any kind of landscape given enough time.... Savanna / scrub forest would be likely, as would a desert with a large river and shoreline oasis (like the Nile) - either of which fit closely with a Wild West theme.

    A dry mountainous area (NE monarchies) would lend itself to some traditional western mining town motifs; you can even combine it with Final Fantasy -esque dungeon mines - having a partially intact military ruins deep in the mountain that the town digs into.

    I would also be really intrigued by an underwater mine, tapping into a buried and submerged factory ruin or something. The logistics alone would make for an interesting and dynamic locale. The acid sea might be too dangerous to make this possible, but a less toxic lake or inlet could work.

    If you want to emphasize a mix of unaligned cats, dogs, and other outsiders, a town between the two kingdoms would probably work best. Maybe in mountains north of the Whispering Woods. Or Mutt Town might discover a mineable area and become a boom town, trying to maintain independence; this might look more like old German mining towns in forest-covered mountains, though, which could still work with some adaptations. The eastern desert would also make a great location- for the classic western motif, but also to give lizards a bigger role [not to mention there’s an excellent movie for inspiration].
    I personally like to emphasize the post-apocalyptic aspects of the setting in my games, and I tend to be more intrigued by adapting a theme to a weird locale (like a western set in woodlands or at a sunken ruin), but that could just be me.

    That was a lot of rambling, but I hope some of that was useful or interesting
    ~ Seraph Kitty

    Second Chance for
    A Beautiful Madness


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      At least some of it was, yes. The idea of a Western in an unfamiliar setting is starting to play more in my mind. With plastics what they are I'm starting to think a former landfill found on some southern shore, in an unforgiving swamp that has somewhat grown over it.

      And as far as the post apocalyptic side goes, I'm thinking of having a band of Rats & Mice that went off deeper into the wilderness, and have made a home in a deep underground cavern, meticulously laid out by the Old Ones almost perfectly for their needs. It's vast and winding and has these tunnels that further stretch into obscurity across the new landscape with metallic paths traversing stretching long into the dark. (Yes, the rodents are making a home in a subway.)