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[Realms of Pugmire] Adventures for Curious Cats, Murder Most Foul

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  • [Realms of Pugmire] Adventures for Curious Cats, Murder Most Foul

    I just finished running the first module in Adventures for Curious Cats, Murder Most Foul, and have some feedback. This is for prospective Guides as well as for Eddy and the writers. If you have run this module I would love to hear how it went for you and whether or not you encountered the same issues we did.

    Overview: We ran the gamut of 5E experience from those who play it weekly, to those with some familiarity, to those with no experience whatsoever. Everyone picked up the system relatively quickly and all really enjoyed the experience. The players immersed themselves right away and thought the story flowed well. As the Guide, I really appreciated the structure and layout of the module. Despite the word count you see below, we had a great deal of fun and plan to play through the other modules in the book.

    * Murder Most Foul is listed as an adventure for 1st level cats, but it was very deadly. Luckily, one of the players was a Minister and chose a non-combat character, so he was able to stay out of most combats and focus on healing the others. Without a dedicated healer the group would have experienced heavy losses. Granted, I rolled very well against the players most of the time, but that caused a little frustration in our first session. The Minister's player rolled well so that helped to lift the other players' spirits. Of particular note, the final combat is DEADLY. Since all the antagonistic Mancers (using the Insane Mancer template) have access to two devastating spells (even after removing one per the advice in the adventure), they are a huge threat. The first Mancer's Blast of Frost Spell incapacitated half the group.

    * Per the story, once the characters are back in Cailen they get swarmed by Zombies and taken to the Consistory. I'm not sure that this is necessary, as it has the characters fight until they are incapacitated just to wake up where they were planning to go already. I see the reasoning, since it gets the group exactly where they need to be, but it felt a bit forced.

    * I highly encourage guides to have an NPC Minister join the group if there is not a PC Minister.
    * When the players return to Cailen and encounter the city guard, definitely have the guards captured along with the PCs. They will be very helpful in the final combat.
    * Consider options other than being swarmed and captured leading into the final combat.
    * In the final combat, I recommend fudging the Mancers initiative and putting them after all the PCs go.
    * In the final combat, I had the Mancers flee after just one of the two leaders fell.

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    I'm looking into running the Adventures for Curious Cats myself, so I thanks for the advice. I will make sure that PCs party will have Minister with healing for it - or similar character.

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      You are most welcome and I hope this helps. Another helpful thing was printing the PDF so I could write in the margins without marking up my actual book.