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Official Cavaliers of Mars resources (overview, jumpstart adventure, dev blogs, fiction, etc)

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  • Official Cavaliers of Mars resources (overview, jumpstart adventure, dev blogs, fiction, etc)

    Return now to dying Mars at the height of its last great renaissance, an age of reckless abandon and daring adventure, of brigands along sand-choked caravan routes and winking courtesans in lantern-lit canal cities.

    Live, fight, and love on Mars, a world of red savagery and strange romance!

    A Festival of Blades: A jumpstart adventure including the basic rules and a scenario. When assassins attack a visiting prince, you must explore the city of Vance, from its dirty underbelly to its tower crypts, all to unravel their dastardly plot!

    Death in the Ray Chamber!: A free demo scene with everything you need to play. Rescue your friend and ally from execution by the all-powerful Princess Invincible!

    The Apprentice's Tale: The story of a young woman's travels across Mars, presented as an overview of the setting.

    Beasts Wild and Strange: Examples of the strange creatures of Mars.

    Two Swords of Mars: A pair of rogues get more than they bargained for (isn't that always the way?) in a night of clashing steel, a mysterious priestess, and a ruined shirt.

    All Cavaliers of Mars dev blogs: Everything posted to the Onyx Path site about Cavaliers of Mars, including open development.
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