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Was hoping we'd get this!

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  • Was hoping we'd get this!

    So ever since I bothered to read some of the Pugmire stuff, I became interested, but couldn't find a place to discuss it. So I'm glad we finally have a forum to do so.

    In one of the articles, they discussed possible additional races to the game, one of which being birds. Personally, I think Birds would make wonderful enemies to the Dogs, serving as advent opposition to humanity's legacy.

    I mean it makes sense after all. Dogs used to live in luxury, but what did birds get? Their wings were clipped, they were locked in cages all day, left to shit on the floor, and often having little to eat besides water and salted bread. It sounds like the birds would be glad humanity was gone and hate the dogs for revering them as some great beings. What could be even more devious is if their evolution stripped them of their ability to fly (gliding, perhaps) and they blame it on humans.
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    Not to mention bird-hunting dog breeds, like retrievers. There might even be a bit of rivalry between birds whose ancestors were trained for hunting (falcons, etc.) and hunting dogs.

    Then again, maybe some Dogs will work with some Birds professionally. You know, like Mr. Lunch!


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      I think the Badger Kingdom and the other weasel-relatives would be the most likely to think of Man as an ancient evil, on account of how much habitat they lost in that forgotten age. Some species of birds, like pigeons and grackles, have actually benefited greatly from human activity so I'd expect birds to think of Man as an inscrutable, capricious force of both creation and destruction. One day Man feeds you, the next day he pops you with a BB gun because he's bored and the day after that, he builds a luxurious oasis of food and water for you.