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    I'd prefer Shepard to be county farming dogs or clergy. Pugmire seems steeped in medieval analogs. Just because many people on this forum have a stigma against overt Christian references doesn't mean they have to be so PC as to avoid them. Hounds are trackers not soldiers so they come closer to law enforcement/bounty hunter/detective, "Come on officer, stop hounding me"

    Mastiffs are guards/soldier breeds by nature.


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      I thought I made shepherd a clergyman on my first draft. Must have changed it afterward and forgotten about it.

      But yeah, sheep dogs leading the flock sounds / sounded like an appropriate name.


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        Barker: A town crier, an advertised spokesman.


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          (Hey! First time posting in the Pugmire forums but I loved this idea so contributing a little.)

          The Weesperer - An angel or Saint figure. A Man who helped lead dogs closer to following the Code of Man.

          The Vet - A lost horror of the Age of Man, said to have been more terrifying than the Vack-Oom. Little is known of this fearful entity, other than that it terrified early dogs, and sometimes "put them down".

          Pack - Group of friends/adopted family.

          Dog Park - colloquial term for safe or personal space. Analogous to "Man Cave".


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            Blondi- A dog who is loyal to their master despite that master's wickedness. Legend claims the name dates back to a war between the gods, in which Blondi was a dog who served the leader of the wrong side.

            Brian- A dog who is smarter than their master, but serves them anyway because they fear that their master couldn't survive without them. Heretics claim the name comes from a comedic epic written by man in which a dog of the same name was more intelligent than most of the family of man that he served.

            Spaghetti Kiss- a term for a romantic encounter between two dogs of different social standing.

            Diz Nee- a great storyteller among man. several of his works center around dog kind, with his other works focusing on other species (particularly cats, foxes, ducks and mice, though almost every species was a subject of his works at some point) or on females born of man's nobility. His works are well known among educated dogs and most can quote extensively from them. Some dog scholars argue that some works attributed to him were actually written by others under his name after his death and the identity of the associate of Diz Nee known only as Pics Arr is a matter of great debate.

            Despite the user name I am actually bigender.

            My Savannah Setting for CofD can be found here

            My heroes as monster tamers rules for BtP can be found here


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              (Here goes nothing)

              Stud: a male of negotiable affections.

              Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)


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                Originally posted by eddyfate View Post
                It's awesome that you folks are discussing this! It looks like a lot of interesting ideas. I did want to mention quickly, however, that the word "bitch" won't be used in Pugmire -- while there was at one point a valid canine use of the word, it doesn't add enough value to the game to overcome the connotations we have placed on it.
                Excellent. I'm a total cat person but I'm totally interested in this game and happy such a derogatory term isn't being used.


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                  High-drant - The equivalent of a proper indoor toilet, usually in the homes of wealthier dogs who can afford such luxuries, as opposed to more typical chamber pots or even just the field that the common dog might have. A cheaper public outhouse might even be called a Low-drant.


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                    A little glimpse of the future here, maybe?


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                      Oh hey, Rock and Rule! I had forgotten about that movie!


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                        Tricks: A professional set of skills or training. (You can't teach an old dog new tricks)