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the [Art] of Combat!

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  • the [Art] of Combat!

    "Foolish old knight! You're nothing more than a complacent lapdog! I, Sir Peanut of the Brotherhood of Golden Reavers, shall end you!" The massive halfbreed swung his hefty spear, driving its' point deep into the shield of Reginald Pug. The knight was driven back by the sheer monstrous size of his enemy, but his feet remained planted as firmly as his loyalty to the Royal Family.

    "You're the fool, Peanut, if you think that such a weak blow could make me lose my feet, or that such weak words would make me falter in my resolve! Have at you, cur!"

    So, what do you think combat is going to look like in Pugmire? Will it be fast and rules-light, or will it be crunchy and tactical? What do you want out of it?

    I draw things! Wanna check it out? Click on the link below!

    YES! I do commissions!