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Other Uplifted Animals?

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  • Other Uplifted Animals?

    We know that Dogs and Cats are definitely in the game, and I feel like I read somewhere about Badgers. Have any other animals been confirmed?

    Ravens are apparently pretty smart already, so I could see them being uplifted pretty easily.


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    With the strong influence of Redwall on this Genre, I'd be shocked if mice and rats weren't also uplifted.

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      According to the Early Access PDF:

      Badgers, also including otters, polecats, weasels, ferrets and wolverines. Conquerors and takers rather than builders like the dogs and cats.
      Rats, who are apparently in constant conflict with the cats. (Also including mice, if the Cult of the White Mice is anything to go by.)
      The lizards are a collection of nomadic tribes who typically live in arid regions.
      Fish rule the seas.
      Birds rule the skies.

      And there may be yet others out there.

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        I think that once the cats are finished, i.e. the Kingdom of Mau game then we will see more of the other uplifted species. Even if it isn't done I'm totally going to create uplifted rabbits, because they are the true masterminds behind the mice and rats.


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          I'm hoping we get pigs, monkeys, and raccoons. And that the birds include the parrot family, in addition to corvids. And bears, definitely want bears.


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            Originally posted by AceOfAlmonds View Post
            And bears, definitely want bears.
            Oh, you have BEARs all around you on the forums.

            Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
            Bear Power, man! Bisexual Bear's are best!

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              Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

              Oh, you have BEARs all around you on the forums.
              Sure, but wouldn't it be great to play a bear in Pugmire?

              ...or maybe it would be better to keep bears non-uplifted, so someone can do a Pugmire version of Sir Bearington.


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                I kind of want Seals to be uplifted now... Would also include Walruses Dugongs and Sea Lions
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                  Originally posted by marin View Post
                  According to the Early Access PDF:
                  Rats, who are apparently in constant conflict with the cats. (Also including mice, if the Cult of the White Mice is anything to go by.)
                  Probably not all the cats, though. There's certainly a very shady cat by the name of Maurice who's either conning or goading a group of uplifted rats for his own gain for sure.
                  And if you go by Felidae by Akif Pirinçci as an inspiration/source, then the cats might have an individual influenced by the Cult of the White Mice or something similar. This cat tries to hide it's true intentions, as it knows the Monarchy will come down on it hard if any other cat finds out about his/her plans.

                  And for the group no one has mentioned yet: Dolphins. Just to invoke, "The Day of the Dolphin".

                  I would also love to see Hyenas at some point or in a mythical context, simply because of all the recent studies on their intelligence (Being similar or higher than Apes, Dolphins, etc.).
                  At least they could provide for some great myths for Pugmire: A race that should have not been, as they combined both the features of cats and dogs. And as an object lesson or bogeyman to Pugmire dogs when you view yourself in the same light as a human (God/s). Or as a "Fall from Grace" type of story.
                  No one knows if they still exist or not at all, if the humans wiped them out when they proved to be too smart for their own good, or if they are trying to take man's place in his absence. Maybe it's just stories, who knows.

                  I know Eddy wants to avoid Apes because that might be too similar and on the nose to Planet of the Apes, but Hyenas could easily be the replacement for Apes in the setting.
                  With a Pugmire dog telling fantastical fantasy stories about a dog who is raised by them.
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