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    Keep us updated on your sessions Maxter. I enjoy seeing how the game plays out.


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      Finally posting this up here, apologies for the delay. We had a lot of scheduling snafus so we ended up playing on the 25th of March, but then I had Adepticon prep for the following weekend... life, it tackles the pug out of you.

      ANYWAY, last we left off the party had defeated what was probably too many zombies for your typical 1st level party to handle, so everyone was resting up and getting their hit points back. Pen (the corgi artisan) waddled over to the Venn-Diagram Machine and used Mage Paw to grab all of the chocolate bars from it. He also failed his Wisdom roll to resist its siren charm so steadfastedly refused to leave until he had emptied the machine of its contents and eaten a few of them.

      Saint (the mutt guardian) got impatient and barged out of the house and headed over to the second building on campus, which was mostly collapsed. He almost caused the building to fall on his head but narrowly managed to avoid it by spending another of the group's Fortune chips (thanks handicap!). Nya (the corgi shepherd) soon joined him and they began searching for anything useful, but didn't find much. A few minutes later in comes Pen, mouth covered in chocolate, and immediately sniffs out some metal keys thanks to his Search specialty. His smugness knows no bounds.

      The party then snuck over to the middle building which they had on good authority contained the catnip. They find it without too much trouble and pick some up to use to distract or bind the cat demon when they make it to his building.

      But before they can get there they have to ford a river. This river separates one of the buildings from the rest of campus and the bridge that used to cross it has fallen into disrepair. And unfortunately on one side there is a waterfall, so crossing was relatively perilous. After some discussion the party decided to tie a rope and cross over by clinging to the chain link fence that spanned one section of the river, which gave them an edge on the roll. Pen, fat as he is, nearly drowned, but the rest of the party made it over without too much hassle.

      Once across the river they entered the final building using the janitor's keys and they were greeted by a rush of air. Everything inside looked spotless and well repaired, and the party tracked muddy paw prints as they went about searching and looting the place. Nya got distracted in the first room by shelves of well preserved books, including a few on space travel that the Order of St Laika would be very interested in obtaining, so the rest of the party moved on without her. This drove Saint crazy as he stompe back and forth between the two different groups, trying to make sure that everyone was still ok.

      On one of these return trips he heard a dull roar come from down the hallway. It immediately called to mind one of his mother's stories, but he couldn't quite remember the specifics. He turned the corner let out a whimper as he finally remembered, as at the end of the hallway was a creature of nightmare, the Howling Vuum. Glowing eyes swept back and forth along the hallway as the mechanical juggernaut surged forward, it's dire howl increasing every time it came in contact with their muddy paw prints. Saint promptly failed his terror check and started whining loudly, rousing Nya to check out what was happening and get to cover behind Saint in time. This led to a chase as the party ran forwards with the Vuum chasing them and gaining ground. Eventually Saint had to stop and hold it off as Pen frantically used Prestidigation to clean their paws and break up the trail. The Vuum rammed into Saint several times before recognizing him as an immovable object and moved off to continue its task.

      With the Vuum distracted the party managed to climb the stairs to the second floor. This floor was very different and in a state of great disrepair. Black shadowy fur clung to most surfaces and the shelves lining the hallways were filled with skulls of varying species, including a few that were larger than most and had a flatter face...

      The team climbed to the third floor briefly and saw that most of the walls had been smashed out, but other than more skulls and fur they didn't find anything there. Going back to the second floor they snuck around, with Pen fortunately critting his Notice check and hearing the sound of a few bones being knocked around together. At the end of one hallway there were indeed two skulls bouncing around seemingly of their own volition, but with a successful Knowledge Arcana check and a glance at the darkness outside the party knew it to be the demon, awake and in a playful mood.

      The party avoided the demon and snuck into the lecture hall, finally finding the metal altar that they had been searching for. It was located directly beneath what they assumed to be the beast's bed, and the keys they found easily opened the drawers and let them find their prize, the Lesser Ponder.

      The party rushed outside and turned to face the demon, who was cursing at them in Mau. Mid soliloquy Pen took the Ponder and shined it on the ground, distracting the villain and causing it to leap at the bright red spot. Pen proceeded to have the demon smash itself into the catnip building, eventually causing it to collapse the building on itself and hopefully entombing it for some time. With the collapse the zombies also collapsed, so the team was easily able to find the missing child in the last building (she had been surviving off of some dried jerky that she found in the rubble) and return to Ithadog for a heroes' welcome. They were rewarded with a healing potion a piece as well as some burned out LEDs from the tower.

      On the way back to Vinsen's Tail Nya and Father Orio discussed whether it was right to go back into Cone-L and recover the books, but Father Orio didn't think so as while it was just to go in and handle the demon it was not right to trespass again for mere greed. Nya wasn't so sure about this and privately resolved to ask some higher ranked members of the Church if she could go on a raiding party.

      Back in town the party returned Father Orio to his church to Sister Collie's delight, and then they went to confront Rolf the Ratter. They described where and how they had found the missing stash, but Fluffernutter (the mutt Ratter in the party) noticed that he didn't react quite the way that they would have expected (i.e. expected surprise, but instead he showed concern and fright for himself). The party headed back to Father Orio to deliver the news, and the old dog immediately grabbed his mace and beckoned the party to come with him and bring the evil doer to justice.

      Which is where we stopped for the evening. Next time the party will be level 2 and they will confront Rolf and uncover a conspiracy that threatens not just Ithadog but the entire Vinsen's Tail region!