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    Originally posted by Iry View Post
    Precise Attack.
    "The ratter can now use this trick if she already has an edge on melee or ranged attacks." The phrasing here confused my gaming group, since it suggests that the trick normally cannot be used without edge. I think this is supposed to say "The ratter can now use the once per turn bonus damage with melee or ranged attacks."
    You can't use the trick for bonus damage unless you have an edge, although the trick gives you a built-in way to get an edge. With the refinement, you can use the bonus damage for melee AND ranged attacks, instead of just melee attacks.


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      Originally posted by TheGraySoul View Post

      I think the idea was that Breed tricks are like traits for that breed/family. So making only one character from that family have those tricks would be weird, because it should apply to all members of that family if it is an inherent trait. That's kind of how I thought about it, I may be wrong.

      That is correct -- when taking a second breed trick, any character in that family now can only take that second breed trick. Different families within the same breed can take a different second breed trick -- for example, the Coon-Hounds have a second breed trick from the Fox-Hounds. If a particular character doesn't want that second breed trick, they don't have to take it. It's meant to be a worldbuilding component.