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Religious Orders of the Church of Man

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  • Religious Orders of the Church of Man

    I've been thinking up a few of these, and was interested to see what kinds of ideas the rest of you had thought of.

    My first idea was this one:

    The Order of St Laika

    Named after the saint who sacrificed her life to open the way for Man to take to the stars, this order is dedicated to exploration and trail blazing. They are particularly focused on finding artifacts dealing with space travel, flight, or long distance communication, as a common belief among the order is that they need to once again open the path to space for Man to return. Particular locations that factor into their mythology are the Caravan of Capes and the Dome of the Cosmos, both places where Man launched Himself into the void. The Laikans are also one of the most open orders, accepting dogs from all breeds and walks of life as St. Laika herself was a mere street mutt before she ascended. To this end the Order also has a standing policy of taking in any strays or orphans that come their way, as what matters is what you will become, not what you were.