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Heretics against the Church of Man

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  • Heretics against the Church of Man

    This is sort of a half-idea, and I don't have a name I'm happy with yet, but I had this idea and wanted to share it.

    Within Pugmire, the Church of Man is not only dominant but unquestioned. Sure, theologians and philosophers argue about specific interpretations of the Code of Man, what Man may have wished for their children and creations, why Man left. But none fundamentally argue against the reverence granted to dogkind's mythological heroes - that's the sort of madness one would expect from a cat!

    But far, far outside Pugmire's walls - farther than the Hound Kingdoms, farther than many Mutts wander - there are rumors. Rumors of dogs who openly reject Man. Dogs who live almost their entire lives on all fours, who rarely wield weapons, who engage in savage behavior that civilized minds barely wish to think of. Not canines, not the affectionate but primitive relatives of dogs - true dogs who actually espouse a return to the canine state for all dogs, if such a thing could be achieved. Dogs who speak, and indeed some are quite persuasive in their words, but which are utterly inimical to the Church of Man and all that Pugmire stands for. Dogs who refer to the historical gift of uplifting as "Man's Sin" against dogkind.

    Of course, if such a cult existed, its members must be mad. Their stories of abuses inflicted by Man upon their ancestors, of imperfections and foolishness in Man - even arguments that Mankind caused its own extinction through arrogance and greed - the imagined ravings of those driven insane by isolation or grief. There's no evidence for such things in the ruins and artifacts that dogs have discovered so far, after all. Is there?

    (I was considering how the Church of Man occupies a position similar to that of Christianity in the Middle Ages in Europe - ubiquitous to the point that most did not even consider that alternatives truly existed. I was also wondering what "druids" might look like for uplifted dogs, who both are and aren't more connected to the "natural world" than humans generally conceive of ourselves as. The ideas collided into something like this.)

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    I would call them the "The Bitten Hand" if it has a conspiratorial tone to it.
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      Originally posted by Tim4488 View Post
      Within Pugmire, the Church of Man is not only dominant but unquestioned.
      That may not be as true as you think.


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        guess we'll find out today wont we!

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