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I waited to Long and Missed the Pugmire Kickstarter!

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  • I waited to Long and Missed the Pugmire Kickstarter!

    Woe is me! Anyone else feeling my pain?!!!

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    Nope (ok, a little, since I was really tempted to get one of the dice boxes but there were only 5 and I missed that chance).

    Though you can go to DriveThruRPG can pick up the early access for ~$2 to soothe the pain a bit. $2 is a great price for what is a functional game (though obviously incomplete) that runs pretty well as is. Even if you also buy the full version later, I'm going to imagine having the early access doc available is a nice addition to table play since it has the core rules in it for players to reference with less effort than finding something in a bigger book.


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      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
      Woe is me! Anyone else feeling my pain?!!!
      Hang on and keep an eye out. We may have another solution since we're using Backerkit for this KS.


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        That's true, Backer kit has the various purchasing levels baked into it's design.

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          thats nifty news for more then a few folk who im sure would have multiple reasons to not do a kickstarter. I was having money woes at the time, but ended up splurging for everything I wanted anyway... Not sure if that's self control issues or not though...

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