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[Pugmire] Need help with a Breed

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  • [Pugmire] Need help with a Breed

    Ok, working on a pugmire game for my kids. One of them is wanting to be a Dalmation. Technically they're a working dog, but so are Rottweilers, which are apparently a smart dog (aka Pointer) as per the Breeds chapter... Some of the selections of Families seems a little weird to me anyway (Bichons being tough dogs? Rottweilers more a thinking dog than a tough dog?) so it confuses me greatly. And so I turn to you guys. I'm torn between Pointer or Fettle... I would almost say Runner but that seems only the super hyper little dogs like jack russels..... Sooooo help?

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    I assign not-previously-specified breeds based on the breed trick that fits the vision I have of them rather than the notional category description. Bearing that in mind, I'd go with a Fettle or a Runner for Dalmations and the bend the description as needed.


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      It also doesn't need to be entirely accurate. If you really can't decide, you can just make it whatever works best for the character and then roll with it for other Dalmatians in your campaign.


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        Originally posted by TheGraySoul View Post
        It also doesn't need to be entirely accurate.
        This really can't be stressed enough. The game isn't supposed to follow AKC (or whatever) standards. It's supposed to be flexible and something we can adjust as a bit of world-building.

        Picking a thematic aspect of a Breed is what's important, and can be used to add diversity to things. The real world bichons are excellent alarm dogs despite their size, and adds variety to the "tough" dogs instead of making them Companions because of their size and modern popularity as such. Rottweilers have a reputation as "tough" dogs, but they're extremely intelligent working dogs that can be trained in a huge number of tasks and operate relatively independently. Again, this avoids having the "smart" dogs all be shepherds and such.