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  • Good Pre-built adventures for adapting

    I'm looking at running a playtest game for my friends (we backed the kickstarter together), except I'm rather busy. I had the idea that it might be fun to adapt a classic D&D module (Keep on the Borderlands, In Search of the Unknown). I'm wondering if anyone else had the thought and if they thought it was a slightly insane idea. I like the fact that a lot of those old dungeon crawls had a great sense of exploration, which I think works well in Pugmire.


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    I would go with old classic the Village of Hommlet, that is simple but quite open and full of possibilities when it comes to mix-&-match, replay, homebrew and other stuff. Much the same might be said about Hollowfaust, City of Necromancers, though i guess that one might better fit on Cavalier of Mars than Pugmire, but as i'm not that familiar with the later, i could be completely wrong. The Slave Lords series could be of interest too. Anyway, yes, old school D&D can certainly offer inspiration material for quite different games and settings.


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      I'm in the process of running my group through the original Ravenloft module.


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        Originally posted by eddyfate View Post
        I'm in the process of running my group through the original Ravenloft module.
        Pugs vs. vampires! My wish came true!

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