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Looking for Pugmire adventures

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  • Looking for Pugmire adventures

    Im going to a small private convention that is held by some friends and i promised to run Pugmire and since the early acess pdf doesnt come with an introductionary adventure that puts me in a dilemma =(

    So im now looking for some good adventures suited for Pugmire and that catches the feeling of the game ..

    I guess i could always write something up but if there is an easier route im willing to take it , maybe someone have written up a good adventure that they are willing to share or maybe there are some nice dnd or standard generic fantasy adventures out there thats easy to convert into pugmire rules

    What im looking for !!!!

    The adeventure should be for first level dogs and the players should be able to get trough it in 4 , tops 5 hours

    It should preferably capture the feeling of the game

    It should be suited for 4-6 players

    if not written specifically for pugmire it should be easy to convert

    It should be free or very cheap since im not made of money and im not willing to pay top dollar for a scenario thats going to be run once at a Convention

    So is there any good dogs out there that can help me with this ?

    Cheers/ lord pugginton the third

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    There are no official adventures yet. However, I've had some experience converting D&D adventures to Pugmire. Granted, it was a lot of "eh, that looks good" and estimation, but I was able to run the original Ravenloft adventure (for example). Really, any adventure that encourages exploration and cooperation should work pretty well.