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[Actual Play] Exalted: The Congenials

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    Season 02 Episode 03
    A Life not Lived

    The Congenials try to come to a decision on what they should do with their new prisoner. They then learn some troubling news about the Magister and whomever is living his life. A tidal wave hits and Algorithm keeps bringing up memory spikes.


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      Season 02 Episode 04
      Giant Minds

      The Congenials consolidate their plan to deal with Arad the Hunter. To do this they hook up an exceptional individual to a mind reading headset and talk to a giant city via crayon drawings and kitten pictures.


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        Season 02 Episode 05
        Rathess, Pt. 1

        The Congenials decide to track down the ancient city of Rathess in an attempt to resolve the Arad issue. They get swarmed by velociraptors, talk to dinosaur people, and get to have an exciting meeting with Lithesome Avid Engineer (from the books!). So exciting.

        Episode 06
        Rathess, Pt. 2

        The Congenials continue the endless nightmare that is Rathess. They are stalked by a non IP infringing version of a Schwarzenegger villain. Then the group delves into weird and stranger astrological prognostications and start pulling at the various threads surrounding the Magister, Mirages, and Algorithm.


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          Season 02 Episode 07 (non-Canon)
          Everyone is Magister

          Due to scheduling issues we decide to follow up with a lighter game of “Everyone is Magister”. Magister Invil is a man of a thousand personalities and all of them are vying for the spotlight.


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            Season 02 Episode 08
            The Escape from Rathess

            The Congenials, sans Mirage, escape Rathess. Then they decide to gatecrash heaven and cause a ruckus. This happens, and is amazing. Then fistifghts occur, arguments over the superior ethical frames of reference between Creation and Autochthonia, and everyone shit talks Mirage and his home to his boss.

            Note: We've had a URL change. I'll get to updating all of the past links over the week. Just bear with me