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Do Exaltations change caste between incarnations

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    Originally posted by Fata-Ku View Post

    Totems were originally picked via a charm and could be changed almost at will (with some repercussions, namely Chimerism (the 1e version thereof) and pissed off gods). 2e attempted to streamline it by having it basically never change and changed the definition of Chimerism, but the cosmology of it was left untouched.

    In short, Totem animals are as personal as anima banners.
    I've heard that some people consider the anima banner to be intrinsic to the Exaltation too.



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      Originally posted by BjornTheFellhanded View Post
      Semi related question, do lunar exaltations keep to a theme of spirit animal forms?
      On the one hand, I like to think that exaltations have a preference in host archetypes, e.g. an ambitious solar general might become an ambitious gang leader in a future live. I admit this is kind of head canon though (my first character ended up that way when our GM asked for past live details).
      On the other hand, Luna is all for change, so I'd expect very little is set from incarnation to incarnation?
      In Second Edition, Anja Silverclaws had a cat for her spirit shape, despite being the reincarnation of Ingosh Silverclaws, whose spirit shape was a polar bear.

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        This just became a thing in my head that will never go away. Why didn't I know about this before?

        Craft rewrite.


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          Reading the description of the 108 Stars again, I gained this idea of an obscure bit of First Age lore in which, for a certain period, every Solar Exalt got a fancy, descriptive title evocative of their personality or skill set, and it became a trend to grant this title and certain assumed roles and responsibilities to it to every Solar in that lineage, so you're not just a Dawn Caste, you're the Black Whirlwind, and the Realm will give you attached titles and privileges.

          It wasn't exactly a disaster, but it was something that ultimately caused a lot of trouble that led to a widespread desire to reform and get back to bare-bones.

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