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The Onyx Rolls of Glorious Exalts

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  • The Onyx Rolls of Glorious Exalts

    Another thread to share your characters! Showcase Exalted or mortals or other things you've played in games. Show off backstory, art, character sheets if you'd like. Describe arms and armor, friends and enemies, and whatever other parts of your character's story really helps show off the aspects of them that you like best!

    ​Also, thank you Lucy Darling for encouraging me to post this thread! I LOVE reading about people's characters and backstories, and I love giving feedback too. Please share your stuff, everyone!
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    Are NPCs okay for some of us cursed who are forced to ST and never play for all eternity?

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      Originally posted by Ekorren View Post
      Are NPCs okay for some of us cursed who are forced to ST and never play for all eternity?
      I personally take no issue with that sort of thing. I mostly ST, and I think many of us STs consider the NPCs we portray our characters in some sense!

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        I am so loving this thread and I will be back later to share, AND yes NPCs! I think they're one of the most awesome things to share in general.

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          This, my friends, is the Pearl Lord, a baddie for tomorrow's game session.

          (Art by the fantabulous, spectacular Jen!

          ​He's a Fair Folk who found himself pushed into Okeanos in the last month.
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            I'll try to share some things here soonish too. If nothing else, maybe this will get me to sit down and build that MA Supernal Dawn with the focus on DPC.



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              Ah, well done for putting this up. Would it be gauche of me to cross-post my characters here for reference for others?


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                I wrote what my housemate calls 'a Brick' on the adventures of my first exalted character (I need a life). Here is one of the many characters from it:

                Regal Blossom, Chosen of Lunar
                By the time she enters the story, she is already centuries old, and on top of that remembers much of her previous lives, most troublingly loosing her entire family during the Great Contagion, which pushed her to becoming a legendary healer and guardian against the Contagion's return. She is also exceptionally vain and brusque, even cruel at times, except to her solar mate, who she fully submits to.

                Her spirit animal is a male lion with exceptionally beautiful mane, her favourite other shapes are cat, peacock, koi fish and swan. Even in her human form she maintains perfect poise and elegance at all times, and a need to adjust her hair frequently interferes with her concentration. For combat she wears a dress that at first glance appears to be essence silk, but is actually an incredibly fine moonsilver chainmail material. Her chosen weapons are index finger nails grown to foot in length.

                She hates not being taken seriously, and her bar for what qualifies as that is rather low, which frequently causes tensions with her generally more compassionate solar mate. As her solar mate cannot abide cruelty, they occasionally get into a limit feedback loop resulting in all out brawls.

                For looks, I sort of imagined Avatar's Azula as played by Charlice Theron, with maybe a bit of Rivendell Elf thrown in.

                I thank the Devs for the great game of Exalted!


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                  Ohhhhh, as someone who primarily GMs, this thread is going to just be great. There are a lot of times where I have NPCs I don't have immediate ability to use but definitely enjoy creating.

                  So first up is one of my "filler Deathlords", fitting into the not canonical extra slots.


                  Once, there was a maiden.
                  Blessed by the Sun, she desired nothing more than to right the wrongs that drove people apart, bringing them together in happiness once more. She visited many lands and made many friends, renowned for her fairness by all.
                  Yet the stigma of the Sun continued to hound her. The whispers of a Deceiver’s pact and the downfall it brought kept her from ever stopping, always straying on to the next with the rumors of what she might have done following after.
                  It was she who found the last fragment of the Dragon Beyond the World, married to a human soul driven mad by its power. She who coaxed forth the woman within from the monster and gained an ally not fearful of her Sun-born nature.
                  But it was against the echoes of the First Age’s last tragedy that she would find her greatest challenge. To save a single ghostborn from the clutches of a dead god king in the throes of his passion play, she stepped forward where the ghostborn’s grandfather had fallen short.
                  Where power had failed, craft would succeed. The Dragon Born Of Seven Wings whispered a plan into the maiden’s mind, for the only way to slay that which death could not hold was at a sacrifice none would give. To bind a life to an unlife, and take both of them to Lethe together. To blur the boundary between a chosen of the Sun in life and one in death, and so end both.
                  “If you face me, you will die,” the dead god-king said as the maiden challenged him.
                  “I know,” she said, and so perished, the dead god-king dying with her.
                  But that was not the end.
                  The Seven Wings was mad, it is true, but madness has a brilliance all its own. The sacrifice had to be pure, and so she had lied. So it was that the maiden who had captured her heart was reborn, her destiny tied to the dead god-king’s former rule. A new god-king ruled over his former lands, with all his power and none of his hate.
                  But all power has a price, and so the maiden would never see the Sun again. The dead tree at the heart of her kingdom holds the darkest soul, for until she too slips into Lethe, he cannot rest. Bound they were and bound they stay, and the further she travels from his seal, the more danger there is that the dark god-king could rise again.
                  And so she stays in the darkened world, a withering garden maintained by a loyal retainer as she dreams of the Sun. The Seven Wings visits her, for she still cares in her own way, and the Queen of Death has forgiven her the selfish action that binds her there.
                  But the legend spreads across the darkened vistas of death. Of a lady, terrible and beautiful as the Lords of Death, yet as kind and pure as they are cruel and twisted. Ghosts seeking sanctuary make pilgrimages to her hidden garden, and the peace she is said to bring tempts even some of the dourest of the Deathknights to seek her service.
                  Yet still, she dreams of the Sun in a world without it, for no soul is perfectly selfless. What would she do to see Him again?

                  Behind The Scenes:

                  Yuyuko (because her basic concept IS based out of the Touhou character and I don't have a suitably baroque Deathlord title for her yet) was basically an early experiment in a less villainous Deathlord, though her origins in coming about before the 3E fluff means she was designed to contrast the more classical Overlord Deathlords.

                  Origin-wise, she's originally an Eclipse, before she took on the previous Deathlord in her spot. She'd discovered that the way to destroy him permanently, rather than having him resurrect like the other Deathlords, was for someone to willingly die at his hand without resistance in order to destroy him. This would have worked, if not for the one who told her this in the first place, an Infernal using Oramus' power, named Zisei. Zisei was in love with her, and so rather than let her die naturally, she ensured her ghost would remain after her death. However, this only half fulfilled the conditions, resulting in the Deathlord being trapped in a massive tree in the center of his former domain in the Underworld. Yuyuko inherited his title and powers, but is bound to the tree itself. The further she gets from the tree, the weaker her powers get and the weaker the seal on the tree gets. If she were to get far enough away, it's possible that the bindings might break entirely, releasing the former Deathlord and depowering her.

                  At present, aware of these limits, she's mostly stayed at her manse within the Underworld, sheltering ghosts from the other Deathlords, as well as providing sanctuary to rogue Abyssals that simply seek to understand and control their new powers and avoid the more omnicidal aims of other Deathlords. She retains a few shards herself, but hasn't used them to empower anyone, knowing from her new abilities what doing so would condemn someone to. This has led to some friction with her retainer, a young ghostblooded swordswoman (Youmu) who wants the power to better protect her. Further complications arise from Yuyuko's somewhat idealistic interaction with the Unconquered Sun, who she'd like to see in person again (or merely see the sun itself), but the consequences of which could be dire given aforementioned tree.

                  Rolewise, she's intended to give a source of friendly (or at least not angry) Abyssal NPCs, lore access for the Underworld and ghosts, and a personal sidequest or two.

                  Visual reference


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                    Originally posted by prototype00 View Post
                    Ah, well done for putting this up. Would it be gauche of me to cross-post my characters here for reference for others?
                    Not at all! Please, feel free to share them, and any additional ones you've come up with in the meantime.

                    Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
                    This, my friends, is the Pearl Lord, a baddie for tomorrow's game session.

                    (Art by the fantabulous, spectacular Jen!

                    ​He's a Fair Folk who found himself pushed into Okeanos in the last month.
                    Looks really cool, and makes me think of Namor as a Fair Folk. I love the detail of the bubble people, and his eyes are very scary!
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                      Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post
                      Looks really cool, and makes me think of Namor as a Fair Folk. I love the detail of the bubble people, and his eyes are very scary!
                      Thanks! And thanks again to Jen for taking on another of my projects!

                      In addition to other raksha, his freehold is stocked with siakas (which he rides; when you're around nine meters tall, it's hard to find a mount that can bear you) and blue-scaled tigers, shark-headed goblins, walking coral, and monstrous crabs and cephalapods.
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                        This is wonderful and I have many fun characters I have not yet been able to play because playing EX3 is an illusion. I shall perhaps post one tonightly once O return to my computer.

                        Abyssals: Whom Death Has Called, a PEACH-as-heck attempt to make an Abyssal 3E holdover.

                        Where I try to make Artifacts. When I finish them I'll probably post them in the Artifact Workshop thread so people can help me hammer them into shape.


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                          I have way too many characters for this.

                          Autumn Shade
                          The Heavenly Recorder of Auspicious Events, Chosen of Endings

                          Art by Andarix.

                          Hailing from one of the river boat clans of the Southern coast in the earliest days of humanity, Autumn Shade was the daughter of the clan’s leader and upon her mother’s death partitioned that her father instead be allowed to lead despite having never before had a male ruler.

                          She chronicled her father’s leadership until his own death which was when she was chosen by the Maiden of Endings and became drawn into the conflict that history would remember as the Primordial War.

                          During the war the Exalted kept meticulous record of their casualties in a series of scrolls called The Roll of Honoured Dead. Shade became the second bearer of the scrolls and took this duty very seriously becoming something of an archivist and war correspondent who sought to immortalise people by recording their deeds.

                          In this capacity she played a minor role in the creation of the Celestial Lions for the mortal souls bestowed such an honour were among those she recorded on the scrolls. There may also be other ascended deities that she has yet to encounter.

                          Since the war, Shade has fallen back into a less intensive role become a biographer and the tone of her work has become more uplifting as she documents triumphs as well as falls including accompanying Brigid upon her mysterious quest to bring the gift of sorcery to Creation.

                          Despite being primarily a writer Autumn Shade has no lack of physical prowess with the blade and is one of the earliest masters of the Single Point Shining into the Void Style which when coupled with her Starmetal Reaper Daiklave Silent Quill gives way to a unique fighting style in which she never actually seems to draw her blade. The ringing of metal can be heard and things are cut but only the canniest observers have ever seen that sword be unsheathed to strike.

                          Though the item Autumn Shade is most commonly associated with is the Book of Saturn affectionately termed ‘the little purple book’ to detract from its foreboding presence that only intensifies what its pages are open. Some believe it can strike a person from existence with their true name but what is known is that to have ones name in the pages is to live in interesting times but more than one person has enjoyed the excuse to spend time with her.

                          When not chronicling the deeds of heroes Shade can often be found with a good book, she dabbles in sorcery and enjoys discussing ethics and theory.

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                            Alright, here we go.
                            Amorous Panacaea Neiz was, in her original incarnation, my very first Exalted character. As this was 2.5 and she was a Sidereal, this may have been a mistake (I was terribly confused during creation). Below is a picture of her in her original Joybringer matchmaker Dreaming Pearl Courtesan glory.

                            She ended up being my first real EX3 character as well, though somewhat reimagined. The game put us at the fall of Thorns, leading refugees out of the city. Neiz had grown up with another gal named Lynx, whose younger siblings hung out with yet another PC named Dai Gren. The scrappy street kids grew up into a dancer, a guard, and a soldier respectively, all hanging out at the bar (the Cherry-Faced Bard) owned by another PC. Neiz would dance there, Lynx hung around to keep the place orderly, and Dai Gren's older scalemates dragged him in to watch the pretty dancers, where he promptly got terribly embarrassed at the way Neiz made eyes at his lady sergeants.

                            Fast-forward to the Fall; having stolen some black jade smashfists and a hearthstone from under a dead Terrestrial (whether they belonged to said Exalt or were dropped by some unlucky servant of the Mask was never really figured out), she hoped the gloves would serve some protector well enough. On the first night out of Thorns, she couldn't bear to see how miserable everyone was, so she danced for them until she nearly thought she was going to pass out; her devotion earned her the Sun's favor.

                            We really didn't get do do much in this game, sadly, as it died before we got anywhere---but we did get to figure out some nice chemistry. Lynx was a Night Caste, and she and Neiz were the sort of lifelong friends forged under the hammer of the mean streets---that is, the sort who continually annoy each other. Neiz was always flirting with her and Lynx was always rebuffing her, but we decided that they both were interested in one another but each thought the other wasn't. Dai Gren was a Dawn who came to support the refugees, and his entrance was made rather less grand by a willowy dancing girl glomping him and chattering about how tall he'd grown. Had we gotten farther, she would have returned to her 2.5e incarnation's roots and engaged in a plan to find Dai Gren a nice girl.

                            Neiz's character in her 2.5e and 3e incarnations was consistently full of big-sisterly care; she was sort of envisioned as the cool gay mom everyone deserved. She also consistently had a defining motivation of being more or less in love with love itself and wanting to make the world a kinder place as much as she could.

                            Abyssals: Whom Death Has Called, a PEACH-as-heck attempt to make an Abyssal 3E holdover.

                            Where I try to make Artifacts. When I finish them I'll probably post them in the Artifact Workshop thread so people can help me hammer them into shape.


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                              Well, for your viewing pleasure, may I present...
                              The Eloquent Child of Perpetual Silence!

                              Image photoshopped together (poorly) by me from some stock blood, the dusk caste mark on the whitewolf.wikia, and these two pieces of artwork.

                              The Child was born Ama, a Vanehan orphan, refugee and peasant who fled the destruction of her liege lord's clan. She was taken in by the Kenseimuni, an order of warrior monks who lived at the far edge of Vaneha, practicing their mastery of the sword and living (by and large) in silence and peace. She grew up strong, and at seventeen had mastered the order's signature style. She was ready to join the order herself when the Sword Prince had the Kenseimuni massacred for providing refuge to his enemies.

                              As Ama lay dying, a voice offered her life and power to seek revenge against the sword prince- on the condition that she slay any who stood against her, and never again show mercy. She accepted, and now wanders her nation in service to the First Forsaken Lion. Her chosen weapon is the soulsteel/moonsilver daiklave Twelve Shadows Tongue, forged from the souls of her Kenseimuni masters- with the correct application, the blade can multiply up to twelve times, each of which can shrink or grow to appropriate size, providing her a deadly arsenal of blades.

                              The Child's an immensely traumatised woman, and hasn't really shown much in the way of emotion since the death of her masters. There's just enough decency left in her that maybe- just maybe- she could end up hunting for redemption if she could be turned from her quest for revenge. Or she might just kill everyone who tries in a burst of cathartic violence and go kill Gensuji. Depends.